Rector’s Blog: Big Help in Small Ways

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One of the inspiring moments of the last week was watching ordinary people do ordinary things to help their neighbors affected by Hurricane Harvey in extraordinary ways. I especially think about the men and women who took their fishing boats and kayaks and set out in flood waters to rescue families and their pets who were trapped in their homes. When they were interviewed, it almost seemed they were surprised at the attention. Many said things like, “Well, I had a boat. They needed help. So I helped!” No big deal!

A lot of times we believe that if we can’t do a “big” thing to help those in need, there’s not really anything we can do. However, in times of crisis or difficulty, it’s usually not the big things that are most helpful, but the cumulative effects of a lot of small things that make a difference. A simple note of encouragement can help a person know they’re not forgotten. A meal – homemade or bought – can help provide a moment of rest and comfort. A call, text, or quick visit goes along way as well.

We might not be facing a hurricane or fire or other natural disaster in our area, but plenty of our friends and neighbors are going through a difficult season of life. In those moments, don’t be overwhelmed by what you can’t do. Look around at what you have – a card, a phone, a boat (!) – and send a little expression of care. That small, ordinary act will be used in big ways to show you care and that your friend isn’t alone in the storms of life.