Rector’s Blog: Sermon on the Mount

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This Sunday we begin Summer Family Worship, which includes our sermon series Life in the Kingdom. We’re going to spend July and August exploring the Sermon on the Mount, found in Matthew 5-7. This series is an important stop on our pathway to spiritual maturity we’re calling Build Your Kingdom Here. This sermon, given by Jesus himself, is nothing less than “a compelling presentation of Jesus and his moral vision” (Scot McKnight). The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ vision for what life in his kingdom looks like. As we are praying for God to build his kingdom in us, it makes sense for us to study the teaching of Jesus himself about what that means.

But the sermon is meant for a larger audience than the church. Some who heard Jesus on that mountain were already followers of Jesus. But many weren’t. Yet, by the end of the sermon, Matthew tells us that the crowd – believers and unbelievers alike – were amazed at his teaching. This sermon doesn’t just reveal Jesus’ vision for kingdom living, it reveals Jesus himself. This is a great opportunity to invite family, friends, and neighbors who need to see for themselves how amazing Jesus really is!

A couple of other fun aspects of Summer Family Worship include a children’s sermon each week. We’ll bring Jesus’ teaching about his kingdom down to a level kids can understand. And – like last year – we’ll have a fun giveaway each week to help them remember the sermon. We’ll also have a theme song we’ll sing as the song of praise each week. Go ahead and start learning Build Your Kingdom Here before we begin singing it together this Sunday. You can listen to it here:

May we grow in love and grace as Jesus continues to build his kingdom in us this summer,