Group Studies


Group Studies


•The Women’s Monday Night Bible Study is currently studying The Purpose Driven Life. We will meet at Kathleen Harding’s home, 3731 Russell Rd., Woodbridge at 7 p.m. We welcome new members. Deb Tomchek at 703-494-8980 if you’d like more information.


•Please join us in May as we finish Bishop Guernsey’s sermon series on the Ten Commandments, followed by Fr. Clint Kerley’s sermon series on the Holy Spirit.  If you’ve struggled to explain who the Holy Spirit is; what the Holy Spirit does; or how the Holy Spirit speaks and lives in and through us, this study is for you. Small group discussion will follow each teaching. There is no fee for this study, and your Bible is the only textbook you’ll need. We’ve saved a place for you in the multipurpose room at All Saints’ from 10 AM—noon each Tuesday. Free childcare is available in the church nursery. Please contact for more information or to reserve a place for your child in the nursery.


•As Christians, we are not promised an easy life. Annie F. Downs’s book, Looking for Lovely, she states, “Only when we learn to spot the lovely in the midst of hardship can we experience the transcendent peace of God that keeps us persevering when we want to give up.  We are looking for lovely because we are looking for God.” In this 7- session Bible study, Annie F. Downs will share what “looking for lovely” means, and how we hold on to the hope of God’s perfect timing. We will meet at the home of Jo Marohn, 12908 Roxanna Court. Manassas, VA 20112 on April 28, 2018, 8-10:00 AM (BREAKFAST SERVED).

•It happens to us all the time.  We encounter Jesus, consciously or not.  What if we took some time to talk about our encounters?  We will and you are invited.  We’ll dive into Tim Keller’s “Encounters With Jesus”.  Keller’s books are always Bible based, filled with practical wisdom and easy reading.  Please join us at All Saints, lower level, Saturday, May 5, 7:30 – 9:30 am, for about 8 weeks. Enjoy coffee, donuts and great discussion!  See or call Alan Clark (703-627-4725) or Bill Harding (703-517-4887).  Books are $14.