Rector’s Blog: 40Days Wrap-Up

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As he was growing up, a friend of mine would, from time to time, be called to a “family meeting.” At these gatherings, his family would sit around the kitchen table and hear a list of grievances outlined by his father and mother. As you might imagine, these were not the fondest memories of his childhood!

So, when I say we’re having a “family meeting” during church Sunday, I hope it won’t bring up unpleasant memories for you because this family meeting is going to be great! God has worked and spoken in powerful ways during our 40Days season of prayer. Sunday’s sermon will be a conversation about what we’ve heard and how I think he is calling us to move forward. I rarely say “Don’t miss this Sunday” but I am saying it for this weekend. It is so important that we move forward as a unified church family. Therefore, I want us all to have the same understanding of how God is speaking to us. If you can’t be there (it is Mother’s Day, after all), please listen to the sermon online.

Thank you, Immanuel, for the ways that you prayed, fasted, and listened during the 40Days of prayer. God has honored this time and has big things in store for us! Continue in prayer as we seek God’s plan, provision, and presence for the season ahead.

See you Sunday,