Immanuel’s Move to Saunders MS

Father Clint recently announced that Immanuel will begin worshiping at Saunders Middle School on June 2, 2019. This move became necessary when the administrative staff of Beville Middle School (our current place of worship) informed us that Prince William County Schools is beginning at two-year remodel of the building beginning immediately after the end of this school year. The administrative staff of Saunders has been very welcoming to us and has stated that we can worship there until our new building is completed sometime in the spring of 2020.

This move was unexpected. We had hoped to move straight from Beville to our new building in 2020. However, when our leadership mapped out the journey from our former property close to Rt. 1 to the new property on Hoadly Road, it became clear that God has led us in nearly a straight line from place to place over the past six years. We can trust that the move to Saunders is part of his orderly plan to lead Immanuel into our future.

In case you have any questions about the move, below are a list of FAQs we have heard from the congregation. Click on the “+” symbol to see the answer to the question. If your particular question is not addressed below, please reach out to the church office at or by calling 703-494-7621.

Where is Saunders Middle School located?

Saunders Middle Schools is at . It is on Spriggs Road about one mile south of Hoadly Road.

Will our Sunday schedule change?

No. We will continue to worship every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

Why can't we return to Beville when students return in the fall?

If you’ve ever been involved in a renovation project, you know that construction schedules are unpredictable. In the case of Beville, we realized that if the project gets off schedule, the only time they will have to make up progress will be over the weekend. Our leadership grew concerned that our ability to worship at Beville could change at any moment (and possibly at the last moment). Therefore, remaining at Saunders until we move to our new building will provide us a consistent place to gather.

Where will we park and enter the building?

Fortunately, the floor plan of Saunders is almost identical to Beville. Therefore, once you are inside the building, you will be able to find our sanctuary in the cafeteria as well as our nursery and Children’s Chapel in their familiar areas as well. However, parking and entry will be different. The map below will show you where to park and enter the school using the front entrance.

Will we still have to set up and take down for worship each week?

Yes. Unfortunately, like Beville, Saunders does not have the capacity to store our equipment midweek. We will still have to load and unload the trailer for worship. Fortunately, we are now on the countdown until we move into our new building!

What about Mr. Bustos?

We have all grown to love and appreciate Mr. Bustos, the custodian at Beville. We are happy to announce that he will still be with us on Sundays at Saunders! Though he won’t be in a staff position with Prince William County Schools, he has told our setup teams that he plans to be with us on Sundays.