Sunday Forum


Sunday Forum meets throughout the year, offering opportunities to Adults and Students to grow deeper in their faith. Topics include biblical studies, apologetics, theology, and church history.


The first Sunday forum of 2016-2017 is Anglican 101. This class will be taught by Fr. Clint and will explore the history, theology, and practice of Anglicanism. As the title suggests, it will be a solid introduction to Anglicanism for both those new to the tradition as well as life-long Anglicans who need a little refresher on the family tree! Anglican 101 will meet October 2 – October 30 in the Choir Room of Beville Middle School. Email Clint if you have any questions.

Session Topics:

October 2 – The Story

October 9 – The Bridge

October 16 – The Tricycle

October 23 – The Action

October 30 – The Past and Future